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Glasswool Panel

Fire Safety

By using Inflamable Glasswool as an insulatormaterial,
It keeps flames from spreading.It is suitable for fire-resisting construction or fire area because it does not create toxic gases during fire.

Thermal Insulation

The glass fiber is thoin as 4-6 micro and uniform because it made from pure glass sand by high speed centrifugal proses. Glasswool gives excellent thermal insulation effect with special water-repellent threatment.

Sound Absorption Effect

The inside of Glasswool may absorb wavelengths of sound as it has contunous porous air pocket.

Anti-Corrosive Effect

As Glasswool is inorganic product, the deformation of shape or corrosion are very little for long duration. It maintains the original shape and has outstanding durability against shocks, pressures and vibrations.

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